Shed-Less Treatment

Tired of the doggy dust bunnies?

You know that pet hair that collects on your furniture and carpet.

Try our Shed-Less treatment!!

We use a specially formulated shampoo with enzymes that break down the deep loose hair in your dogs undercoat. It allows us to easily comb out and blow away that excess hair.

Your vacuum cleaner will thank you!

Grroming Dogs:

Please Note all Super-Pawz Clients that have their pets groomed with us receive a LIFETIME of FREE nail trims!

Ask for details!

Basic wash service, Flat coat Dogs(Little to no Brushing)

Includes: shampoo & conditioner, Hydrating body spray,brush-out, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

Petite/Small- (Example  Chihuahua-Pugs)  $16.95

Medium-  (Example Jack Russell)                 $22.95

Large-       ( Example Bull dogs)                   $25.95

Giant    (Great Dane)                                     $29.95

Mammoth (English Mastiff)                         $39.95



Basic wash service, Double coated Dogs

Includes: shampoo & conditioner, Hydrating body spray, brush-out, ear cleaning, and nail trim.

Please note prices can change depending on condition of pets coat

Small -20 Lbs and under      $19.95

Medium- 21 Lbs-40lbs         $24.95

Large- 41 Lbs-70lbs               $29.95-$39.95 (Depends on condition of coat)

X-Large 71 Lbs – 100 lbs     $39.95-$49.95 (Depends on condition of coat)

Giant 100-150 Lbs                $49.95-$59.95 (Depends on condition of coat)

Mammoth 151 lbs and up      $65-$70  (Depends on condition of coat)



Breed Specific Hair-cut service 

Includes: Hair-cut, bath with high quality shampoo, Hydrating body spray, brush-out, ear cleaning and nail trim.

We offer all Super-Pawz clients a life time of free nail trims in between your grooms!

Bows & bandanas are also FREE!

*Please note prices vary depending on coat condition and coat type*

*Additional charges may be added for matted dogs*


Small/Medium –  1-40 lbs     $35-$50

Large/Extra Large – 41-100 lbs   $55-$75

Giant/Mammoth – 101 lbs +     $80+




Nail trim- $10.00   

Nail Buffing- $9.00

Nail Buffing with trim- $15.00

Pad Conditioning- $5.00

Dental Care Service (Teeth brushing, fresh breath foam, and gel) 




Cat Grooming

          * Please note all services include a nail trim and ear cleaning.  

Full brush out service    $24.95

 Bath & Brush out         $34.95

Haircut (includes bath and brush out)   $55


Cancellation Policy: Please allow us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Our time is valuable and needs to be allotted correctly to ensure a thorough grooming. There will be a $15.00 No Show fee assessed to your account for anyone who does not comply with the policy.